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  • posted When I try to export a file for printing it just gives me that blue loading bar forever and never loads. I have gotten a few designs past it but I’m looking for a solution.
    • Tristan Same thing. Even tried letting the export run on the attached PBP overnight, but the blue loading bar never moved. Tried with both 64 and 32 bit version 1.4 of the software. i7 proc with 16GB ram... seems like a software bug.
    • Jack Adee There’s only one that doesn’t work which is my face. I’m on 1.4 on Mac
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Jack,
      Do you have the latest software? Also, do you have many fills on it? If there are many fills, it can take a while for the algorithm to process.
      Send me some specs on your software version, (should be 1.4), your computer (Mac, PC) and even include the PBP File in this attachment.
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  • posted It seems that Storebound has not updated the site with the latest software as of today.
    Visit for the latest release.
  • posted I'm trying to install on a Mac and I get a JavaScript error.
    • Lori Nicolanti Hi Miguel,

      While the software installed and runs successfully on my Mac. When I select the gcode file on the PancakeBot and hit play, it doesn't do anything. Please advise.

      Thank you,

    • Lori Nicolanti Thank you! That version installed on my laptop. I am still visiting family so I can't try it out yet, but it installed and is running without any issues.
    • Lori Nicolanti Thanks for the quick response! I am using macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. I downloaded the version from It was the first one labeled: Mac OSX 10.9+ ➤ x64
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  • posted When i save a picture from the painter software. It saves as a php file. If I save this type of file to my memory card. Will the pancakebot read it? If not, how do i change it to a gcode?
    • Miguel Valenzuela PBP files are PancakeBot Painter files holds JSON Information for Pancake Painter to Read. To get the GCODE File, you go to File, Export For Printing, and that takes you to a dialogue box that has settings for the GCODE File. On those settings you can control how the batter is dispensed by designating timing and line thickness.
      I recommend starting off with the following settings with some Rule of Thumb (ROT):
      Shape Fill Effective Batter Width: 2mm - (ROT-Thicker batter, smaller number)
      Smallest Flatten Distance: 2 dv/px (ROT-More Resolution, Smaller Number)
      Line End Pre-shutoff distance: 2dv/px (ROT-Thicker Batter, smaller number)
      Line Start pump ON wait time: 750ms (ROT-Thicker Batter, larger number)
      Line End Pump OFF wait time: 750ms (ROT-Thicker batter, larger number)
      Line Fill Options: 3-5 dv/Px
      Seconds between bottle/shade changes: 10 seconds
      Line Fill Angle (25)
      Line Fill Grouping Threshold: 2

      The image over the settings in the latest software is backwards, so the lighter lines should actually be darker lines, but the GCODE exports correctly. (Bug to fix)
  • posted Hi. Am using PancakePainter v1.04 on a Windows 7 PC with PancakeBot 2.0. Have imported image I want to print and it looks fine with a dark outline, etc. But when I export for printing the dark outline (an other areas) becomes light while the light areas become dark. Therefore when pancake prints there is not an outline that contains the rest of the batter as prints; outline prints last so windup with blobby edges. I have tried re-importing (I tried both leaving default edge setting and toggling to dark outline) and exporting (tried resetting to default export settings), but still get same export results no matter changes made. Suggestions?
  • posted hi, if i try to instal the software i get every time a setup error, some one has expirience this to ? and does somebody know how to fix this ?
  • posted I have downloaded the software to my PC. And saved files to print via .pbp but nothing. My Bot is not reading anything on the SD card. What am I missing?
    • Penny idk
    • Miguel Valenzuela The PancakeBot does not read .pbp files. The PancakeBot reads .GCODE files. This is described in the Quick Start Video here.
      You will want to open the .pbp file in the Pancake Painter software and then export the .GCODE file. The reason for the difference is the Pancake Painter Software exports files according to different settings (timing etc.).
      As a reminder, this forum is for the community and is not managed by StoreBound. As the inventor, I occasionally come on and answer some questions but if you have issues, please email
  • posted Is anyone seeing responses from Storebound? I've been emailing them and posting in the hardware section since Sept 30 and have heard nothing I'm starting to think there's no one around to help with replacement hardware.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Tim, the forum is currently not being managed by StoreBound`s support team. I have made them aware of this issue and hope that this can be rectified. In the mean time, use and if you do not here from them, check your spam filter or email me at
      Thank You,
      Miguel Valenzuela
      Inventor of PancakeBot
    • Thomas_U sorry - not during the last half year, maybe never ever...

      I have never used my PB yet as there are so many open questions here.

      Lots of great words on the "about us"-page <> but total silence here. Sad!
  • posted We are having troubles running pancake bot on the school's Microsoft (AD) network. We've had to load the installer in the public desktop folder on each computer to be used by students, then have each student install the software which is then associated only with that user on that particular computer. Has anyone else had this issue? I would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this problem.
    • Shelly Siebels We're having the same issue. I was able to open the program from a network drive, however, the controls and menu are missing. Any info is appreciated.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Lisa, I am sorry to hear this. Have you been able to resolve this issue at this point?
      If you can, please add this to the issues forum at so we can add this to our list of things to do on the next version update. If you cannot add this, let me know and I will add it.
      Thank you,
      Miguel Valenzuela
      Inventor of PancakeBot
  • posted When I use the auto tracer and get the image settings just right, I hit File Export for printing. A popup window comes up behind the tracer program - i can't get the tracer program with my image to go away to select the options and ultimately save the image to the card. Any ideas??